SWAT Ice Melter
The SWAT Ice Melter is held annually in March.  The tournament hosts teams in Novice tiers 1-6, Atom tiers AA-6, Peewee tiers AA-6.  The tournament provides:

  • Over 20 Divisions result in competitive draws
  • Great Schedules using as few arenas per draw as possible
  • Tournament Medals for every team
  • Unequaled Gifts for Players

For more information visit the SWAT Ice Melter website.   Volunteers are required to make this event a success.   Stay tuned for a call for volunteers in February/March.

SWAT will be hosting a casino on September 22nd & 23rd at the Starlight Casino. Volunteer shifts available here:
An email will be sent shortly with further details.If you have any questions please contact Erica at

SWAT Raffle
The SWAT Raffle is run annually in the Fall.   Players from Timbits through Peewee sell raffle tickets with a portion of the proceeds provided back to each team to support development activities.   The remainder of the funds raised are used to support SWAT program offerings.