SWAT Hockey is a volunteer-run organization, and as such, it depends on the volunteer assistance of its members to function successfully. Volunteers are essential to maintaining and growing SWAT.  The more volunteers we have, the better our association becomes!

Overview of 2019-20 Volunteer Deposit Program:
2019/20 SWAT Volunteer Commitment Form & Info Package

  • SWAT Hockey is a volunteer-run organization, and as such, it depends on the volunteer assistance of it's members to function successfully.
  • Each family (unless they have paid the opt out fee) must provide a completed volunteer form and TWO undated deposit cheques of $250.00: One for the League volunteer requirement and one for the Team volunteer requirement.
  • Please fill out the Volunteer Commitment Form found on the Volunteer page & mail  with your non-dated volunteer cheques to SWAT within 7 days of registration
  • The number of volunteer commitments for each family is dependent on the number of players and which category the players are in.
  • SWAT Hockey would rather have the family complete a volunteer commitment than pay the opt-out fee.
  • All player families are required to complete one league commitment and one team commitment per enrolled player.
  • In the event that a family does not complete their volunteer commitments by March 31st, the deposit cheque(s) will be cashed.

Opportunities that count towards the League Requirement are:

  • Executive Board Members
  • Head Coach
  • SWAT Ice Melter Tournament (March 2020)
  • Minor Hockey Week (January 2020)
  • Oil Kings Night
  • Casino (September 2019)
  • Evaluations (September 2019)
  • Apparel (various dates)
  • Equipment Handout (September)/Return (April)
  • Photo Assist (October 26-27, 2019)
  • Timbits Jamboree (Fall and Winter)
  • Other special events as communicated by the club

Opportunities that count towards the Team Role are:
Team Volunteer Form

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach (max 5 per team, entire season)
  • Team Manager (one per team, entire season)
  • Team Tournament Coordinator
  • Parent Liaison (one per team, entire season)
  • Jersey Parent (home or away for the entire season, bring to games and launder as required)
  • Time Keeping or Score Keeping (min 10 games)
  • Bench Help – all on a shift basis (generally in the Initiation program only)
  • Team Raffle Ticket Coordinator
  • Team Fundraising Coordinator
  • Game Sheet Manager
  • Year End Party Planner
  • Equipment Manager (Initiation)
  • And any other duty as agreed to by the coaching staff

2019-20 Volunteer Deposit Program FAQs

How do I find volunteer opportunities?

SWAT Hockey identifies those interested in Coaching and Assistant Coaching help during registration, so please note your interest on your child’s registration. Many club opportunities will come out via email from SWAT Hockey and involve a link to signup.com to sign up for the various events throughout the year. There will also be opportunities available for each team that you can sign up for once your child has been placed on a team.

If I complete all my volunteer commitments, will I receive my cheque back?

After completing the minimum number of volunteer commitments your deposit cheque will be shredded. Alternately, you can ask SWAT to keep the deposit cheques from year to year to facilitate the registration process for the following season.

How are these volunteer jobs tracked?

The Team Manager will track the team volunteer commitments, along with the SWAT Administrator who is tracking the volunteer commitments for the entire club. Team Managers should assign team roles at the beginning of the season and should submit a list of team commitments to the SWAT Administrator when requested.

What if I have more than 1 child in the SWAT Hockey Club? How many deposit cheques are required?

SWAT requires EVERY family provide TWO (2) undated deposit cheques for each enrolled player in the amount of $250. Please make cheques payable to SWAT Hockey and LEAVE THE DATE BLANK.

For example: One child in Jr Timbits and one child in Novice: you will need to provide four (4) $250 volunteer cheques. The four cheques are broken down as 2 cheques for the Jr Timbits player and 2 cheques for the Novice player.

Will I be contacted prior to my volunteer deposit cheque being cashed?

SWAT Hockey will send out opportunities to volunteer to all members, but the responsibility is the family’s to ensure they have volunteered so their cheque is not cashed. Our hope is we have no cheques to deposit.

If I pay out my volunteer does that excuse me from participating in any fundraisers for the club?

No, although we cannot make fundraisers mandatory (such as our annual raffle), participation in fundraisers such as these helps to generate funds for our hockey associations and keep registration costs down.

What happens if I no-show to a volunteer commitment?

A no-show leaves event organizers in a very difficult spot as they have no time to find a backup AND it takes a volunteering opportunity away from another parent. As a result, if you fail to appear for a volunteer commitment, your league deposit cheque will be immediately deposited.

Where do I send my completed Volunteer Commitment Form and Deposit Cheques?

Once online registration has been completed, all required registration documents and, if paying by cheque, can be mailed to: SWAT Registrar, PO Box 21121, ​Edmonton, AB T6R 2V4. Alternately, the form and cheques can be dropped off at one of the in-person dates at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre (2051 Leger Rd)  June 1st  from 12:00pm – 3:00pm, June 19th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm & July 15th from 6-8