Are you interested in being a Coach with SWAT Hockey?   If you are, please go to the Coaches Registation page for more details on how to apply.

Listed at the bottom of this page are some of the skills, duties or responsibilities you will need to possess, learn or fulfill as a Coach with SWAT Hockey.

Coaches Resources
In addition to the SWAT Coach & Manager's Manual, below are several useful links for coaches to help you get started with game and practice planning, as well as season management.
PowerPoint presentation from SWAT Coach & Manager Meeting held on September 25, 2017.

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Head Coach
Job Description: 

  •  Serve as the official spokesperson on behalf of the team
  •  Coordinate the delegation of responsibilities to the assistant coach and manager
  •  Plan on and off-ice activities in consultation with the assistant coach
  •  Coordinate player evaluation and selection in conjunction with the Association mentor.
  •  Plan, implement and control pre-game preparation and communication with the team.
  •  Design the practice plans in consultation with the assistant coach
  •  Coach the team in all games and practices
  •  Establish rules for the team and oversee the supervision of the players
  •  Submit a year-end report, which contains the following information – evaluation of
  • players’ performance, evaluation of team’s performance, outline of practice plans and
  • game strategy and recommendations on how the program can be improved.
  •  Report to the association through the Association mentor or designate

Assistant Coach
Job Description: 

  •  Assist with player evaluation and the player selection process
  •  Assist with planning, organizing and conducting practices
  •  Assist with pre-game preparation
  •  Assist with the operation of the team during the games
  •  Assist with scouting and evaluation of opponents
  •  Assist with the supervision of players off and on the ice
  •  Assist with the formulation of the game plan
  •  Submit a year end report to the head coach containing player observations
  •  Report to the head coach

The following qualifications can be applied to both the Head Coach and the Assistant: 

  •  Strong hockey background in playing, coaching, evaluating is an asset, but not required!
  •  Strong interest and commitment to child/athlete development
  •  Ability to work with fellow coaching personnel
  •  Ability to communicate on and off-ice requirements to players and parents
  •  Available to meet time requirements
  •  Coach Certification requirements at the level indicated by Hockey Alberta, the Hockey Edmonton and SWAT Hockey Association