Below is the approved SWAT Development Model.  The focus is player based and will not emphasize on wins and loses.
Overall Programming
SWAT is shifting to a development model/curriculum of hockey which will be applied throughout SWAT's entire organization, not just at the AA or tier 1 levels. We will fall inline with the LTPD model (Long Term Player Development) as noted by  Hockey Canada.  This program will include by way of example the following:
A base set of skills and practice plans that will be provided to every coach which will cover all the base skills required at each level and tier.  This is to help focus the time of the coach on coaching rather than drawing and trying to find drills that are appropriate.  This programming is especially important at the lower tiers where it is tougher for organizations to find qualified and/or confident coaches.
As the skill level increases we will build on the base that is established by Hockey Canada and increase the degree of difficulty in the skill development session.
At the higher tier level (tier 1-2) we will make a true effort to frame an entire season for them to help set the schedule somewhat to include on/off ice training, allow for powerskating to be incorporated into the development plan.  Provide opportunities for larger development sessions between teams of equal calibre in order to maximize usages of ice.   This will help families to avoid conflicts and provide flexibility for the parent to possibly incorporate other sporting activities like swimming or track.
SWAT team development sessions during season 
This camp is currently open to all teams to register but in reality should be focused on the tier 3-6 as this is the group of athletes that would benefit the greatest from this type of skill development as the tier 1-2 kids are already going to be engaged in this type of training environment at their training/development team session.  We are moving toward this for the coming season and will only have it opened to the higher tier teams if it can not be filled.  Some of this may include us programming in this ice into the team development schedule.
We will be providing long term coach mentorship through our various avenues which will include allowing coaches of different categories to attend other practices.  Scheduling into the overall schedule a coach learning day similar to a "Teachers Convention".  This is continuing to evolve as we garner more ideas.
In conclusion, by using a model where we develop a curriculum or a skill sets matrix and fall in line with Hockey Canada's LTAD programming is a key element that has pushed us in this direction.  Building a tremendous base will ensure the foundation of the hockey skills we are teaching our coaches and players will create a terrific foundation of learning that will transcend all tiers and be able to be sustained after we have all moved on.
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