SWAT Team Managers

The Team Manager is a central figure in creating the flow of communication – not only within the team (players, parents and coaches), but between the team and all support systems such as the Minor Hockey Association, League Managers, other teams, referees, officials, etc.

By taking on the operational aspects of the team, the manager enables the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction to provide the players with rewarding hockey experiences.
Important Documents

As the team manager you will be responsible to ensure that a variety of forms are filled out for your team.  As well, there is important information that you will need to be aware of from Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta and Edmonton Minor Hockey.  For information on the following items outlined below, please click on the link.   It is imperative that each team manager familiarizes him or herself with these forms and procedures.

Hockey Canada Manager's Manual

Hockey Canada has several resources available for Managers to use a reference and or guideline.
Click any of the links to download the Hockey Canada Manager's Manual and Appendices.

Key Topics:

1. Team Meetings
2. Volunteers / Delegation
3. Team Rules / Safety
4. Record Keeping / Distribution
5. Organizing Games
6. Applying for Tournaments
7. Organizing Travel
8. Team Finances
9. Team Activities
10. Coaches’ Resources


  1. Fair Play Codes (PDF)
  2. First Parent Meeting Outline (PDF)
  3. Parents’ Contract & Responsibility List (PDF)
  4. Hockey Canada Branches Directory (PDF)
  5. Facility Safety Checklist (PDF)
  6. Emergency Action Plan (PDF)
  7. Abbreviations & Acronyms (PDF)
  8. Roster - contact the SWAT Registrar to get an official Roster
  9. Players/Coaches HCR List - This will be supplied to the team officials by the SWAT Registrar
  10. Team Affiliations- This will be supplied to the team officials by the SWAT Registrar
  11. Team Contact List (PDF)
  12. Player Medical Form (PDF)
  13. Injury Log (PDF)
  14. Injury Report
  15. Blank Calendar (PDF)
  16. Game Checklist (PDF)
  17. Budget Instructions (PDF)
  18. Budget Sheets (PDF)